Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last First Day of preschool

Smith and Addison started their 4 year old preschool today. With this, its the last "first" day of preschool. Next year, they'll be off to the "big" elementary school for kindergarten.

I can't really think about that now - this picture is already making me realize how quickly its going.

While I don't want them to grow up to fast, I do love spending time with them. I love the people they are, and I can't wait to see the people they will become. Except that I don't want them to grow up too fast. The eternal parenthood debate.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012

Lets rewind - Its 1988. I was an 11 year old boy, and while my mother was shopping at Hamricks, I was allowed to walk down a few doors into the comic book store. I was instantly drawn to some Transformers back issues (I'd always been a fan of the cartoon and toys, so it was a no brainier I'd be drawn to the comics). I also bought the new issue that month, Transformers #41.And that simply, the comic book thing began for me. In my world, Transformers begat Fantastic Four, which begat The Avengers, which begat X-men, and so on.This comic book affair lasted well into high school (which would explain an awful lot about my high school experience, but that's an entirely different entry.)

Fast forward 3 years, and that Transformers comic book ended with issue #80. By then, I was firmly entranced in the comic book world, but Transformers had always remained my first love. The book was wrapped up quickly (they only had a few months to wrap the story up), and that was that. A few years later, I quit collecting comic books, which can certainly be attributed to  a discovery of girls and beer and a social life. 

Fast Forward: 21 YEARS. I'm a dad. A husband. Still a nerd, but not as overt as I once was. And I read on the internet - That old school Transformers series is picking up right where it left off - with issue 81 for a 20 issue run to 100 to finish out the saga (Same creative team - same continuity - its a fanboy's dream come true)  My 34 year old becomes a 14 year old and I know I will most definitely be partaking of this.  

A few months later, its announced that rather than starting with Transformers #81, the title will be featured on the yearly event of Free Comic Book Day. Issue #80.5 will be given away, for FREE. Then, I find out that I'm solo Dad for that weekend (Krissee on a well deserved girl's weekend). Of course Smith and Addison must visit their first comic book shop with me on this most glorious of occasions.

So this morning, after a yummy breakfast, we head to the "local" comic book shop (which just so happens to be 30 minutes away). But we got there. And in addition to the book which made me feel like a pubescent boy all over, Smith and Addison both got some free comics too! They got to read them on the way home, and I think they're fans now too!

We also to enjoy "downtown" Myrtle Beach, which includes this fountain that they thought was the coolest thing ever. 

Many thanks to the folks at Corsair Comics for making this experience so much fun for a 34 year old, and two 3 year olds!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our sweet babies. Its hard to believe its already been 3 years. We love you both so much and we are so proud of the little people you are becoming.

Friday, June 10, 2011

How is it?

If someone could explain to me how these children:

Have become these children so quickly?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Tree!!!

As has been our normal Sunday tradition, a few weeks ago we ate out for Sunday lunch after church. (At one of Dad's favorites, Quigleys.)

Mom orders the same thing every time we're there, a blackened tuna dish with wasabi mashed potatoes. It comes with spinach, but normally she substitutes steamed veggies for the spinach.

While dining, mom offers Smith some of her veggies. Innocently, she says, "Do you want a tree?" (i.e., broccoli).

Smith lights up and gets very excited. So she hands him the piece of broccoli, to which he promptly throws it back at her and begins screaming and crying "No Tree...No Tree." (You see, he's used to us saying "Do you want a treat?" and then getting something awesome like a cupcake or ice cream. Apparently, he heard treat when mom said tree!)

It was certainly one of those parenting moments that we were so damn tickled at the boy, but had to be firm and say "You don't throw your food." But we still giggle about it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Facebook Catchup

The beauty of Facebook is that it allows for instant sharing of photos and ideas when they happen.

Unfortunately, this also means that this blog takes a hit at times, because rather than posting pictures here, they just get posted to Facebook.

This post is meant to overcome that shortcoming, and collect the best of the Facebook photos and put them on the blog for posterity sake - it can also serve as a little memory lane.

This picture was taken in the fall of 2009, just after we'd moved to Pawleys. Krissee had gone to Bilo to procure snacks for the first USC game, and the children were decked out. They're still known at Bilo as the "Gamecock Twins."

Smith and addison shop with Dad for Mom's birthday dinner in 2010.

Smith test's his bounds with what he's allowed to touch when he's in Addison's crib.

Playing at the now defunct play area at the Inlet Square mall. This was a great place to take the kids during the winter and I hate that their renovations didn't include keeping this area up.

Addison trying on her godfather Scott's boots.

The title of this photo facebook was "Get out of my dreams." My friend Jon then commented "Get into my crocs."

Beach Love.

Smith and addison paint a pumpkin for Halloween.

Do these boots make me look fat?

Godparents Adam and Haley came to visit us, and we had a boys day out in Georgetown. (Jack is also Krissee and my godchild, so there is lots of cross-god-childing going on).

Yummy watermelon.

Helping Mom cook.

Family night at Frank's outback.

Twin Day!

Addison, in the ER on Christmas morning. (She just had some trouble breathing that morning - everything was ok!)

Staring at the winter wonderland.

At the zoo, a LONG time ago.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am no superman

We've really tried to keep things even on this blog to date: Mention Smith, mention Addison. That will continue, but they are two distinct individuals, with unique personalities, wants, and demeanors. As such, the one size fits all blog posts may not be the best approach and we'll try to make sure all are equally represented.

With that out of the way, my first entry (yes, Its an awkward plural to singular shift, but appropriate!) is regarding  my little girl, Addison. She's definitely what one might call a Daddy's girl. More appropriately, her father might be called a sucker for his daughter.

Regardless of what the true moniker is, Addison loves her daddy, and her Daddy loves his daughter. Please don't misinterpret, I love my son Smith more than words can express. But Addison is my daughter. Whether its PC or not, she's my little girl and its my dutyto be her dad.

The only problem with this, is her eyes....The way she looks at me. Maybe its a father's pride, but her eyes look at me like I am a superhero. That I can fix anything. That I can make anything better. At this point in her life, I can. Smith loves me, no doubt. But he treats more like "That is a cool dude, I want to hang out with him." Addison treats me like "Dad can heal the world with a single touch."

For instance, last night, around 9:00 PM, little Miss Thang comes out to the den and lets us know thatshe's not asleep. She's obviously upset about something, and I take her (and her brother, who she brought along with her) back to bed.

After a couple of false starts, all it took for my little girl to get back to sleep was for me to sit there with my hand on her chest. After ten minutes, baby girl was back dreaming of ponies and mansions.

Sadly, I realized pretty quickly, the days where Dad's hand is the fix-it are going to end. Some day, I won't be the superhero she see's me as. Someday, they're will be something I can't fix. I hate it. I hate the idea of her hurting. I hate the idea that Dad won't be able to come through one day. The harsh reality of life is that it'll happen. But when it does, I want my little girl to know that I love her, and I'll always let her fall asleep with my hand on her chest - that's something her husband will just have to be OK with.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Our House (part 2)

So remember way back like 2 years ago we were selling our house?

Well, we closed on it yesterday. Dad drove to Columbia to sign the papers and take one last walk around the house we called home for a number of years. Memories of our life there got the best of me (its where we came home to after our wedding - we brought Smith and Addison home there, etc.). But at the end of the day, our family is better, stronger, and happier to be together.

Here's to all the great memories, previous house! I reminded myself multiple times that a house just brick and drywall, our real home is where we are!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Day of Preschool

I can't believe its here already, but Smith and Addison started pre-school today. They're now members of the "Poohs Twos" at our church pre-school.

They were quite excited, especially about their backpacks.

Addison is quite excited!

Someone's ready to learn, someone's ready to play.

On our way to school!

Smith loved his backpack!

All in all, everyone's holding up ok. There were no tears from either children or parents as we dropped them off (although, I can't promise that there weren't a few before or after on part of the parents). Smith and Addison marched in like they owned the place. We're so proud of them and the people they are becoming. Any tears are simply because we realize they're growing up so fast. Last night, at bedtime, Smith was having an exceptionally hard time getting calmed down - so I went in and we played our game where we kiss through the slats of his crib. It just reiterated the fact that before too long, my little boy won't want to kiss his dad at all, much less through the slats of the crib. And Addison - don't get me started - my little girl who loves to sit in my lap and ask for "tickles" is growing up just as fast.

My parents often said that good parenting is preparing your children for life the best you know how - so their growing up isn't scary, because you know you've done the best job you can do. I told their teachers today - any sadness on our part had nothing to do with the care we know they'll receive at school, but that simply it marks the first in a long line of times that they'll move farther and farther away from needing and wanting us.

It dawned on me last night how ironic it is that you can't really appreciate a parent/child bond until you are a parent yourself. Even now, I have a hard time believing MY parents ever felt this way about me - but I know, in fact, they did and continue to do so.

Smith and Addison - your mommy and daddy love you and are so proud of you. You may never truly understand what those words mean to us, but know that you truly are the best thing to ever happen in our lives (aside from meeting each other). We can't wait to know and love you in the future, but we want to enjoy the yous that you are right now too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After dinner dancing

At some point in the past, I heard about a family (and it may have been a fictional one) that had a little dance party after dinner every night. I absolutely loved the idea of that, and having Smith and Addison grow up with those sorts of memories.

At the beginning of this year, we instituted family dinner most nights - where we all sit down together and eat. Normally, there is music playing during dinner time, so its very easy to transition into dance party 2010. Some nights, its all we can do to get the kids to sit still before they start yelling "Dance! dance!"

Tonight's dance song was "Grace is Gone" by Dave Matthews Band (imagine that). This version is quite long, and after a while, Addison moved off camera to read a book. But my boy....my sweet music loving boy. He got into it. And out of the blue, he hiked his pants up and really got into it. So into it, I had time to go grab the video camera, come back, and catch it on film again!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Halloween

During our first trick or treat stop of the evening, we caught, on camera, Smith actually saying what we consider to be "Trick or Treat." Non-parents may disagree, but it is what it is! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

This is Halloween, Halloween.

Yes, I know. Really, I do. We've been horrible bloggers. Horrible. Just consider it our summer hiatus, and now, in the fall, we're back with all new episodes. I promise. Really, I do. Basically. But I promise to do better. And Krissee's about to undergo another blogging tutorial so she can take a break from her bon bon eating/Oprah watching all day and update you guys as well.

No doubt our ratings for this installment will be pitiful, since most people probably think we've already been cancelled.


Yep - that the same two kids you've been reading about. It blows my mind that 1) They've gotten so big and 2) I could have any part in making something so darn adorable! M&Ms, by the way? Big hit.

They loved the candy, yes, but most of all? They loved running and playing!

I just think this is the most adorable little picture of Addison.

And finally, Smith - in all his cowboy glory.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cousin Winn Comes for a Visit

UPDATED: Pictures fixed.

Now that we've moved to the beach, we knew we'd get lots of visitors, especially during the summer. Cousin Winn came to visit (along with his Mom, and his Dad even made an appearance during the weekend)! And Smith Day? Loves. His. Cousin. He walked around asking for "baby? Baby? Baby?" anytime Winn wasn't around.

Smith sharing his toys and crib with his cousin (just for play, they didn't sleep together - safety first guys!)

Addison, in typical Addison fashion, largely ignored Winn and family for most of the trip. On the last night, she sat down right beside him and read her book, and I yelled to Heather to get the camera, since it was a rare occurrence. I think this might be the only picture of all 3 we got all week!

Addison acting the fool.

How sweet is this? Seriously. Smith was so incredibly gentle with Winn all week - he knew he was a baby and couldn't be played with hard - if only more children could come with a trust fund and a nanny, we'd have a hundred more (biology permitting!)

Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok - we've been horrible, horrible bloggers over the past few months. Truth be told, we've having too much fun with Smith and Addison to be worried about blogging! But we'll try to do better, because I know we have lots of friends and family that would like to keep up with them. Please note that there are multiple entries below that chronicle March - present.

Its hard to believe that they'll be two years old in just a few months. Its both exciting and terrifying at the same time. They've definitely moved into toddler territory. They're both talking (Addison moreso than Smith, but he's not mute by any means. Just show him a ball and you'll know what I mean: "ball, ball, ball ball ball ball ball ball ball." Addison's learning shapes (As of today, she knows circle, heart, and star - and sometimes square). She also shocked the heck out of us this week at the pool by walking up to the 3ft and 4ft signs on the side of the pool and pointing to the 3 and 4 and saying them.

I promise I'll try to do better, and if I'm not, a little gentle nudging is normally all it takes!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Annual Family Beach Trip

Just like last year, The Days took the family to Edisto for the week. Addison DEFINITELY is a water baby, she'd swim to England if we'd let her. Smith enjoys it, but got knocked around a couple of times by a wave and so he's not QUITE as gung-ho about it as his sister. But he still likes it!

I call this one Addison's Saturday Night Fever.

I love running up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down the beach!

I got a shovel. In the water! (Sung to the tune of "I've got some ice cream!"

Why can't we do this every week?

The week went by way to fast, and we're already looking forward to next year!
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Monday, May 10, 2010

April and May

April and May were busy - we traveled a good bit, had Dad's birthday in May, and were gearing up for our big family beach trip in June!

We had Cookie and Poppy's 40th anniversary surprise party at a local eatery in Hartsville, SC. They even had these nifty toys there for Smith and Addison to play with.

Addison discovered how yummy crayons can be.

Over Mother's Day Weekend, we went back to Columbia to visit our friends. We stayed with The Rankins and here Carter, Addison, and Smith are lined up in front of the TV enjoying Mickey Mouse!

Finally, on Mother's Day, we visited the Day family to marvel and their fancy kitchen renovations, and Addison discovered how delicious Heineken can be.